Re: [Gimp-user] OSX Second User Can not open app

On  17.1.2016 at 4:46 AM Rf Gimp wrote:
Running OS X 10.10.5 and have downloaded Gimp 2.8.16 and installed under
administrator user account. App opens fine for that user.

Second "Standard" user tries to launch Gimp and gets Finder error "The
Application "Gimp" can't be opened".

Security & Privacy settings are set to "Anywhere" for Allow apps downloaded
from:. The Security & Privacy does not indicate that Gimp did not run due to
settings in its control

If you download and install from the "standard" user, the administrator user
gets the above Finder error.

Have tried to install and then create a new user which results in the new user
getting the Finder error.

I am missing something.


I could reproduce and fix it by opening a Terminal session (see ApplicationsUtilities), then executing
sudo chmod 755 /Applications/*
This will set execution permissions for all users on this Mac.
A quick function test passed here.

The system setting Security & Privacy has no effect on this.
For security reasons I recommend to reset it to the default value
('Install from Mac App Store and verified developers').

For future releases this bug is reported here:



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