Re: [Gimp-user] superimposing

On 08/01/16 18:32, CHRIS DUNKERLEY wrote:
Dear Sir anyone I have just purchased  Gimp2.8 for mac os for superimposing I have followed the tutorials on 
you tube but my version doesen't seem to work I get the basic picture but when i go to open a second it just 
replaces the first one I run  windows 7 follow all the instructions but nothing seems to work.  Can   anybody 
help!   Thanks


I assume you open the second image using FIle>Open as layers in the window that contains the first one.

If the second image is the same size as the first one, it completely overlays it and the original one won't be visible until you make the first image transparent or shift its position. If you want to have the images side by side you have to enlarge the canvas to fit two images (see Image>Canvas size).

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