[Gimp-user] ZeMarmot end-of-2016 report

Hey all!

A little self-promotion for ZeMarmot project, I hope you won't mind. :-)
For reminder, "ZeMarmot" is an animation film fully drawn with GIMP.

And so here is our end-of-2016 report:
In there, you can see some nice videos with work-in-progress, read
some explanation about the work of animator, and read the status on
our development on an animation plugin which will end up in GIMP, and
which we use internally for now.

Now is a good time to support ZeMarmot project by donating by the way! ;-)
For a good movie, Libre Art, Free Software, artists fairly paid,
because you want GIMP even better… any reason you wish!

US $ funding: https://patreon.com/zemarmot
€ funding: https://www.tipeee.com/zemarmot

We wish you all an awesome year 2017 with fun every day! :-)

ZeMarmot open animation film

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