Re: [Gimp-user] Replication Array Layer

Rick C. Hodgin (rick c hodgin gmail com) wrote:
GIMP is a non-professional name.  I think Image Professional would be
better.  Or something that has a positive upbeat tone.

I don't expect people to change.  But it would be great.  It would allow me
to work on the project because it disassociates itself with Stallman.

It is up to you to dislike Stallman. He is a controversial figure and I
am by no means going to defend him.

However, GNU is a very important contribution to the world of computers,
and I am not willing to sacrifice it, because stallman allegedly is
wrong on other stuff.

If you think that "Image Professional" is more prone for success than
Gimp then by all means, go ahead, fork the code and try to convince
people to work for your vision. But please do not abuse the
GIMP-ressources like this mailinglist to fight your personal vendetta
against GNU/Stallman and the GIMP brand.

Thank you.
              simon budig de    

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