[Gimp-user] Hi - Help needed

I an new to GIMP & Graphics.
Slowly learning about GIMP. But while adding Layer via Copy Cut Plugin to
my GIMP, i wasnt able to find them in my Layer Menu. I tried several times
to place this plugin(turning on & off the GIMP).In the end i uninstalled &
then re-installed GIMP as suggested by my friends & also i got an error
message that the python has been crashed & also when i was trying to create
custom gradient, in that palette(palette to gradient) during this part too,
i got the same error message.
So finally after couple of times uninstall & re-install GIMP, in the new
GIMP software i couldnt find python fu in my filter section.
I need to add as many plugins & scripts as my work demands.
I use Windows 7 32-bit Computer.
Kindly help me with this.
Thanks & Regards

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