Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp does not accept JPG etc.

On 16/08/16 13:35, Arran wrote:

All clear now. I just remembered a similar problem with another program could be
solved by deleting the configuration file in /home. So I deleted the file
.gimp-2.8, started Gimp, and the pictures can be opened again.
I now have to find out, which configuration was responsable for this.

Typically you should have something like this in ~/.gimp-2.8/pluginrc:

(plug-in-def "/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/file-jpeg" 1468533087
    (proc-def "file-jpeg-load" 1
         "loads files in the JPEG file format"
         "loads files in the JPEG file format"
         "Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis & others"
         "Spencer Kimball & Peter Mattis"
         "JPEG image"
        (icon stock-id -1 "")
            (extension "jpg,jpeg,jpe")
            (magic "6,string,JFIF,6,string,Exif")
            (mime-type "image/jpeg")
            (thumb-loader "file-jpeg-load-thumb"))

And similar things for loading and saving other image formats.

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