Re: [Gimp-user] Updated Testimonials

On Thu, Aug 4, 2016 at 4:13 PM, Wayne Taylor wrote:

I know for a fact that GIMP is either on par or better than what his
current setup is.  Even 10 years ago this was the case.

However, I am absolutely unable to find recent testimonials/testimonies
from professional designers who run their business.

I'm specifically looking for someone who deals with print media.  The
common crap that I find out there on the internet is 'GIMP is fine for
non print, but Adobe is the only reliable software for print'.  This is
a generalized statement but you get my point.

As Pat already mentioned, we have no control over 3rd party websites
like, but having the kind of content you are looking for
on is something we would benefit from. Although I have to say
I'm in the "showcase" camp rather than in the "testimonial" camp.

Now, as for the print media specifically, I probably know just a few
people who have hands-on experience with GIMP there, since that use
case is not GIMP's forte so far. moreover, making GIMP marginally
capable to be usable for the print media involves installing a 3rd
party plugin, which doesn't make it all easier to promote GIMP as a
tool for the desktop publishing crowd :)


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