[Gimp-user] Color Decompose Script


New user to GIMP and I just installed the Color Decompose script by
patdavid from the registry. When I run it, it seems to be working as
expected, but then I get the following error message:

GIMP Message

Execution error for 'Color Decompose':
Error: ( : 2) Procedure execution of plug-in-decompose failed.

Then, when I click "OK" I get the following:

GIMP Message

Plug-in 'Color Decompose' left image undo
in inconsistent state, closing open undo

Clicking "OK", again, I'm left with the following layers:  RGB - Red, RGB -
Green, RGB - Blue, HSV - Value, HSL - Lightness, CMYK - K, and LAB - L. So,
it seems that the script is doing what it's supposed to. Why the error
messages? Can I do something to not get those errors? Running GIMP 2.8.18

Thank you.

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