[Gimp-user] How can I make GIMP Printouts as good as those from Windows Photo Gallery

I have noticed that printed images which I have drawn in The GIMP's RGB Color
Space, or even a jpg exported version, don't have the quality that printing the
jpg version with Windows Photo Gallery produces. The problem with Photo Gallery
is that it shrinks the size of the printed image and, for me, sizing is crucial.
I have already painstakingly sized the images in GIMP & don't want to do it all
over again so, the best solution for me is to emulate the print quality of Photo
Gallery. I have done alot of research & experimentation to try & get GIMP to
print like Photo Gallery but, to no avail.
I understand that in Windows VISTA, Photo Gallery uses the Windows Color
Management System (WCMS) to print images whereas other programs, like Microsoft
Paint, do not use the WCMS for printing.
I have configured GIMP's Color Management Profiles as follows:
Mode of Operation = Color Managed Display &/or“Print Simulation” 
Monitor Profile = For my AOC 2060W Monitor this is 2060W.icm with the “Try to
use the system monitor profile” checkbox checked.
RGB Profile = sRGB Color Space Profile.icm (Displays as IEC 61966-2.1 Default
RGB colour space – sRGB)
CMYK Profile = None 
Print Simulation Profile = RSWOP.icm (Displays as Agfa : Swop Standard)
Other relative specifics:
Operating System = Windows VISTA SP 2
GIMP Version = 2.8.16 
Is there anyway to make GIMP print like Photo Gallery? Any help would be
appreciated & thanks.

Falcon459 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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