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On Sun, Mar 27, 2016 at 9:49 AM, DAWO <forums gimpusers com> wrote:

BUT - you're using a GIMP 2.9.? version? If you have the option in
your Edit>>Preferences>>Icon Theme, then the theme you have downloaded
is not going to work.

Thanks again, Kevin!

The version I downloaded and installed, is 2.8.16, so I will go ahead and try
your icons. It seems that this is a problem for others as well which a quick
search with Google verified. And I think it should be one of the most
prioritized issues for the Gimp developer community as it “accessibility”
defines who can use the software, and who cannot.2

I agree, since I am working on the icon size customization (the
"future plans" Kevin told about earlier). Though I must say it's not
easy to prioritize and see what others are going through because I
don't have access to any HiDPI screen, not even to test, even less for
my own daily use.

I have also a question, about when you say that text is also too
small. From what I understood, GIMP should simply follow whatever text
size settings your operating system is configured with. Are you saying
that font size is bigger everywhere else but not in GIMP? I think this
should not happen (but once again, I can hardly test myself without
such a screen).


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