Re: [Gimp-user] Free Select Lasso Tool - Please help me

On 13/10/15 00:25, Ladystar wrote:
HI , I am an amateur gimp users, self taught through you tube, about five years
in now.  Something has changed and no matter how many times i scrape gimp off my
drive and reinstall (registry entries too), the issue remains the same.

I can find no settings or options to affect this issue, so it must be something
stupid I have changed or don't understand about the program.

let's say as an example i paste a picture into my gimp frame and from within
that picture I want to cut something out, using my lasso tool by clicking
multiple points around the object closely and then CTRL X to cut it out.

This tool has always worked 100 percent, but now when I attempt to laydown
selection dots around my object, before i am finished laying down the dots, the
dots behind me dissapear, or the dots close the loop in some intersected way
that I didn't choose because i didn't get to finish going around my object.

I am litterally losing my mind over this issue.  I have hit hte tool reset
button, i have used all th different tool selection settings, I can't get it to
let me finish selecting the object i want to cut out, without it finishing it or
me too early and cutting across my object.

I have attached a picture showing how the lasso tool closed the loop on me while
I was still trying to go around the object with selection dots.

Has anyone experienced this, can someone help me.

thank you


Gimp is being told by your OS that you double-clicked... So it's really a matter that for that particular use, you may end up clicking too many times or too fast.

Things to check:

1) if you have an old mouse (or even a recent Logitech MX that wear off fast), the left click contact may be worn out and generating spurious clicks (when my two previous mice started dying on me, I first noticed in Gimp... because other apps a less sensitive to double clicks). Try another mouse.

2) if its a wireless mouse, check the batteries (or try with new batteries)

3) your OS has a mouse setting somewhere that determines how close two mouse clicks should be to be interpreted as a mouse a click. Narrowing that interval could help.

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