Re: [Gimp-user] Free Select Lasso Tool - Please help me

When using that tool, double-clicking will attempt to close the path from
that location - are you accidentally double-clicking by chance?

On Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 5:36 PM Ladystar <forums gimpusers com> wrote:

HI , I am an amateur gimp users, self taught through you tube, about five
in now.  Something has changed and no matter how many times i scrape gimp
off my
drive and reinstall (registry entries too), the issue remains the same.

I can find no settings or options to affect this issue, so it must be
stupid I have changed or don't understand about the program.

let's say as an example i paste a picture into my gimp frame and from
that picture I want to cut something out, using my lasso tool by clicking
multiple points around the object closely and then CTRL X to cut it out.

This tool has always worked 100 percent, but now when I attempt to laydown
selection dots around my object, before i am finished laying down the
dots, the
dots behind me dissapear, or the dots close the loop in some intersected
that I didn't choose because i didn't get to finish going around my object.

I am litterally losing my mind over this issue.  I have hit hte tool reset
button, i have used all th different tool selection settings, I can't get
it to
let me finish selecting the object i want to cut out, without it finishing
it or
me too early and cutting across my object.

I have attached a picture showing how the lasso tool closed the loop on me
I was still trying to go around the object with selection dots.

Has anyone experienced this, can someone help me.

thank you


Ladystar (via
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