Re: [Gimp-user] What happened to Gimp?

On 01/10/15 17:09, Belleo wrote:
Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is a rant. I've been on the brink of pulling all my hairs out over
the last couple weeks.

So I've been a heavy gimp user for years. And I have developed some amazing
graphics with this software. Loved it, preached about it and swore by it.

However, I recently purchased the latest Macbook Pro, OS Yosemite, and I feel
like my design world has been shattered.

By Yosemite?

The interface of the latest GIMP installed has been anything but pleasant. It
looks and functions very clunky. Everything seems so much more complicated. For
example, adding text has become a pain. There is a static box that hovers over
the text as you type and it is so annoying.

This is the on-canvas text editor. You eventually get used to it, because you can do things a lot faster with it once you know how to use it. In particular, you are no longer limited to one font/size/spacing per text layer.

It is painfully difficult to move
the text box around to your desired location, right now I have to drag the edges
out to move the text box.

For me (Linux), Alt-Control (this could be a different key combo on OSX) while in the text editor elicits the "Move" cross pointer and lets me move the text box around without leaving the text tool.

To top all of this off, all my exported images come out blurry and distorted. Is
there a way I can get my old gimp back??? My livelihood depends on me creating
beautiful graphics and I am not ready to fork over thousands of dollars for

What format do you export in? What are your settings? How are you checking the images? On some sites images are rescaled on the server if they aren't the exact required size, or the HTML/CSS of the page shoehorns them to some specific size, and the on-the-fly rescaling by the browser makes them distorted and blurry. (and blur is even more noticeable if the rescaling is on a few pixels, and even more so if the image contains text....)

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