Re: [Gimp-user] New User Questions

Or even to HTML - I think there is an export option in powerpoint to
generate an html page directly...

On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 5:03 PM Ofnuts <ofnuts gmx com> wrote:

On 11/03/15 21:01, Jeanne Lucas wrote:
I am a new user attempting to convert power points to gifs that can be
played on our company website.   I save the power point presentation as a
gif, then open it as layers in gimp.   Once I save the presentation again,
it works well, but the timings I had set in power point are gone.

I cannot find a "delay time" button nor can I find a way to use the
"frames" to get the slides to the different timings I need.   I also
occasionally have resolution problems when I open the presentation in gimp
and again as I save them to a gif after I am finished in gimp.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you!

Animated GIF is not a good format for this:

  * it won't adapt to the user's screen definition, you'll have to use a
    lowest common denominator
  * due to the small number of available colors edges of text and
    diagrams will look pixellated
  * it won't adapt to your user's reading speed

Why don't you convert your PPT to PDF instead?

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