Re: [Gimp-user] Size of output files

I think you are doing it all wrong.

To answer your last question first, you will probably find the dpi has gone from 300 to 72 dpi (or of that 

Secondly, I don't quite understand what was done. Was the whole score saved as a multipage pdf, if so, can 
you break it up with pdftk or pdfseparate, get the individual sheets?

You might be able to use pdfimages to extract the embedded image and work on that.

If you want to convert it back to one pdf, use imagemagicks convert and its million options


If so

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I loaded the "output" pdf files back into GIMP, and I noticed a 
difference in the page size.

When I read in the "input" pdfs, GIMP lists the page size as ~ 8.5" x 
11" for both sets of files.  When I read the output pdf files back into 
GIMP, GIMP lists the same page size for the first set, but a page size 
of ~35" x 49" for the second (larger file) set.  Why does GIMP change 
the page size when it exports the second set, and how do I stop it?

On 02/27/2015 08:03 AM, Alan Barnett wrote:
I'm using gimp to increase the contrast of scanned documents.  The 
scanned images were combined into a multi-page pdf.  The images are 
music scores; the originals are RGB, but only grayscale information is 
I opened the input pdf as layers with a resolution of 300 dpi, changed 
the brightness and contrast of each layer, and exported the images as 
a .mng file.  I then used ImageMagick to convert the nmg back to .pdf 

I've done this with two different sets of images.  For the first set 
of images, the input .pdf files are about 2 Mb, and the output .mng 
and .pdf are both about 4 Mb; the process increases the size of the 
files by a factor of 2.

For the second set of images, the input pdf files are about 5 MB, and 
the output .mng and .pdf files are both about 45 MB, an increase of a 
factor of 9!

Any suggestions how to decrease the size of the output files? Any 
ideas about why the large difference in the size increase between the 
two sets of images.  (The first set were scanned by me on an EPSON 
1640SU scanner, the second set were scanned by someone else on a 
scanner unknown to me.)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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