[Gimp-user] Tired of losing images due to "exporting" instead of saving as png/jpg.

Dear list,

first I need to grumble about the only-xcf-is-saving-misfeature. I rarely have images where I need layers or other data, and even if I do, I'll be warned. But I have to "export" it instead, and that leaves me with no way to tell weather I'll lose my work by closing an image window - and thus, I just had to redo a scan.

I have absolutely no need to keep additional .xcf-files around or a possibility to use them. Having a .jpg/png to use and a .xcf for keeping the "I have saved"-flag is a burden, and even if I started doing it, I know I'd someday forget to export and use an outdated .jpg instead of the corrected version.

I'm planning to fix it - by going back to 2.6 if I must. I'd prefer to have a patch for 2.8 or a patched version that can safe .jpg files, therefore I'd like to know weather somebody has done this.

Sorry for being in a bad mood.

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