[Gimp-user] Drawing tools stopped working all of a sudden

I'm pretty sure that erasing the Gimp folder under 
C:\Users\(nameoftheuser)\ would have been enough. Reinstalling
on Windows is mostly a way to reinstate the proper values in a
registry, but Gimp doesn't use the registry.

Why break GIMP?
First of all youtry to force everyone to use export as rather than saving by
extension, and now I cannot annotate a photo.
All I want to do is draw on a photo, to point out parts of an alactronic circuit
on a photo.
It simple does nothing when I try to paint on it. No explanation, nothing, just
does not work.
Is there an anemy in the camp paid by photoshop to sabotage GIMP?

robin48gx (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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