Re: [Gimp-user] Create/Edit 8x8 pixel sample

Von: "Ralf GESELLENSETTER" <rgx gmx de>

Hi Ralf,

Am 16.02.2014 13:43, schrieb Michael Schumacher:
You can index the image to a 1-bit b/w palette, but that won't matter
much until you export. It should also be ok to just paint in black and
white and worry about that later.

In good old Atari times, I had to "click" (by pixel toggling) my own
printer fonts letter by letter; bearing this in mind, I'd regard
Gimp currently not for the 1st choice for icon editing:

- there is no toggle mode for 1-bit-palette

If you set the foreground color to black and the background color to white (this is the default, actually), 
then the x key toggles between these colors. This is about the only drawback to some more dedicated 
applications, that allow to draw with FG on left and BG on right mouse clicks.

- due to rounding, I assume, you have to click several times
  until the current pixel gets black.

Yes, if you use the brush tool, and don't align the brush to the grid. 
But for this task, you'd use a 1 pixel brush (that's most non-animated brushes if you set the size to 1), the 
pencil tool, and pure black and white as described above.

- If you use greyscale, soft pencil settings may lead to
  unpredictable (fuzzy) results.

If you paint with gray, then you will get a gray pixel (assuming you're still using the tool as described 
earlier). But you're painting with black and white.
Next time, I'll have a try for greenfish [1]. Don't get me wrong,
I am quite aware, that this kind of task is not exactly the
main target of GIMP, hence I dare not even file a bug report;
what do you think?

So far, I don't see much you can't do with GIMP, so I'm not sure what you'd want to file it for.


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