Re: [Gimp-user] Create/Edit 8x8 pixel sample

Dear Michael,

thanks for your decent comments.

Am 16.02.2014 13:43, schrieb Michael Schumacher:
You can index the image to a 1-bit b/w palette, but that won't matter
much until you export. It should also be ok to just paint in black and
white and worry about that later.

In good old Atari times, I had to "click" (by pixel toggling) my own
printer fonts letter by letter; bearing this in mind, I'd regard
Gimp currently not for the 1st choice for icon editing:

- there is no toggle mode for 1-bit-palette
- due to rounding, I assume, you have to click several times
  until the current pixel gets black.
- If you use greyscale, soft pencil settings may lead to
  unpredictable (fuzzy) results.

Next time, I'll have a try for greenfish [1]. Don't get me wrong,
I am quite aware, that this kind of task is not exactly the
main target of GIMP, hence I dare not even file a bug report;
what do you think?

Kind regards


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