[Gimp-user] Perspective tool - Hide original during transform


Long time Gimp user with unresolved problem here. One of the many task I
use Gimp for is collaging images of spaces and buildings for work. We
have Photoshop licences but I find some of the Gimp workflow better. 

I frequently need to correct perspective (or scale for that matter) to
match a feature of the underlaying layers. The problem is that a not
transformed copy of the object stays in place behind the transform
obscuring the underlaying image and preventing accurate transform.

Is there a setting or alternative workflow to achieve what I'm looking
for? I created a series of images <http://imgur.com/a/O9PvX> showing the
problem. Unfortunately my simple example usecase can be helped by using
the grid but there are similar circumstances when the reference detail
is more or less completely hidden by the pre-transform copy of the
layer/selection. What you can see however is that the outline of the red
rectangle is lost in the background copy. 

Anyone else who'd also be very happy for a way of hiding transform


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