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Thanks Alexandre, I will get the hang of this.  Of course it turns out
to be not as simple as I first thought.  What we want now is to put a
logo on one corner and some text.  I have not figured out how to open
multiple layers and merge but I did figure out that I can open the logo
in a layer, copy it, open my picture and past the logo on my picture.
Then I can use the test tool to write my message.   Probably a better
way to do it.  For example I would like to create a layer that has the
text, the logo, and be able to just merge with or past onto any photo.
I am trying to use some photos I took as a background and put text on
them.  When I open a new project I cannot figure out how to put objects
on it. 

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On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 11:22 PM, Dave W. Favor wrote:
New to GIMP. I want to try and add a simple text on top of a photo.
Probably two layers, one with a background photo and one a layer I can

type a message on.  What tutorial would I read to get started.

1) Open your photo.
2) Choose Text tool on the left (the T icon).
3) Click on the canvas where you want your text to start
4) Type your text
5) Select it with a mouse, change font, font size etc.
6) Export as JPEG

That is really all :)

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