Re: [Gimp-user] Colour swapping advice

Chris1968 <forums <at>> writes:


Sorry, forgot to add, absolute noob with Gimp.

I wonder how many actually looked at your image. It is very small, so do not 
expect a great result. Hope you have a larger, better version.

First thing, it is grayscale and to do any work on it, change the mode to RGB 
(Image menu -> Mode).

As previous posts, Colors menu -> Color-to-Alpha will remove the gray 
background, even using the default setting, and a Layer menu -> Transparency -
Alpha-to-Selection will then select the pentagram for filling with a new 

Big but...The quality of the posted jpeg is horrible, lots of artifacts 
resulting in semi-transparent pixels all over. Tweaking with the curves tool 
will improve the image. The only real way is to re-draw using the original as 
a template. Not difficult, several ways to do it.
Using an old netbook and Gimp 2.6, in a few minutes while watching TV. Could 
be better.
The top layer is plain, a second layer has been bumpmapped to give a more 
'golden' effect.
Too many jaggies, that is what happens with small (200x200 pix) images.

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