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On 28.12.2014 16:05, Olivier wrote:

2014-12-25 22:30 GMT+01:00 William Thompson <1tr0p0spk1 gmail com>:

Appears things have changed with GIMP since I last downloaded and used the
program?  Not sure what your relationship is with Torrent, but as I was
instructed to download the latter in order to open the GIMP executable
file, I did so, only to find extraneous and undesired software loaded along
with it

Have removed all of Torrent and the other junk that came along with it.
Obviously, won't be using GIMP now or in future.

On the first page of you have a large download
button,impossible to miss. Don't blame on GIMP your use of a
malicious download site.

The issue is apparently to be a bit different - according to a short
mail exchange I had with the author of the initial message, he may have
been bitten by adware in a BitTorrent client (maybe even the
'BitTorrent, Inc.' one, see )

The user has made a statement along the lines of "What has computing
come to?" and is unwilling to continue the mail exchange, so pursuing
this further is currently futile (i.e. I do not know what exactly he
downloaded and from where).

I have added a short explanatory line to the downloads page's Windows
section ( - note that this adjusts to
the platform you use and shows only matching downloads by default).
The news item on regarding modified installers of
GIMP itself has also been motivated by this mail.

It is a bit disconcerting to see that two (or three, if you count Vuze)
GPL-licensed BitTorrent clients employ adware as well. Probably even
more disconcerting is that I have come across opinions that Windows
users are "to expect" or are "used to" or "deserve" adware in installers
these days.

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