Re: [Gimp-user] user experience - buggish

Mark Ballard wrote on 19/12/14 21:55:
Hello Gimp

I like your software very much. I use it quite often.

But I have a problem to report. I hope you listen and don't look down
snootily on whinging users.


image scaling / moving / canvas size

Action: Opened a png + changed zoom from 65% (which it was set at) to 100%.
Result: Image increased in scale but it became too big for the visible
window and some disappeard off the side.

See if the Edit|Preferences|Image Windows|"Resize window on zoom" and
"Resize window on image size change" settings help.

Bob Long

Action: I increased the window breadth so I could see the part of the image
that was missing off the side.
Result: Window increased in size, but image stayed in the same place, with
half of it still missing off the left side. The right side, increased by my
enlargening of the window, just filled with whitespace. I couldn't shift
the image to where I could see it because there was no scroll bar at the

Action: I selected the move tool (this is hard to find, btw, in the
transform menu - it would imho be better standing alone in the main tool
menu), and attempted to move the image to where I could see it.
Result: The image moved but its canvas didn't. So while what was lost off
the left shifted into view, what could be seen on the right disappeared off
its own edge in concert.

I'm sure there's a good reason for this. And I'm sure there's a way to
correct it. But it is apparenlty not straightforward or intuitive.

I hope this helps

Mark Ballard.
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