[Gimp-user] Getting help with GimpShop

Good afternoon,

I just downloaded GimpShop this afternoon and I am finding it very confusing, of course, as there is so much 
to it.  One of the things that confuses me is that I don’t know if I have the right version for my computer.  
I ran across something on your website that says make sure you have the right version.  I have Windows 7.  
How can I find out if I have the right version or not?  I have already “ghosted” a photograph so I am 
wondering if that means I do have the right version?

When I click on the Help button, I get a message saying GNU Image Manipulation Program Plug-In has stopped 
working.  It searches for a solution and then tells me the Plug-In crashed.  I have tried it several times 
and keep getting the same message.

I use photos from My Pictures as stationery in Thunderbird.  Sometimes they have too many very dark and very 
light colors in them to be used for a one color font, of course, so I like to ghost them.  GimpShop changes 
them from jpeg I think and then Thunderbird can’t recognize.  Is there any way to get them back into jpeg 
format so I can use them for stationery?

I thought you had a forum and thought I had joined it and it turned out to be a Gimp user list.  I am not 
sure what that is.  I was just looking for a place to ask questions like these.  I am not terribly computer 
literate so often don’t understand what I am being told to do by the instructions and don’t even know what a 
lot of the terms refer to.  I would appreciate any help if you can.

Thank  you,

Carol Higgins
chiggi6710 rogers com 

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