[Gimp-user] Ubuntu Gimp menus slow to load


Running Gimp 2.8.6 on Ubuntu 13.10, 3Gb RAM, 1.6Ghz dual core laptop.

Gimp has been working just fine until two or so weeks ago, around the same time
that 13.10 became live. I had been running 13.10 in beta for a few months before
that. All updates installed, even tried to un-install and re-install Gimp.

Still opening Gimp at normal speed, but now the menu (File - Edit - Select etc)
takes around 10 or more seconds to appear and the drop down takes around 2-3
seconds to render. If I can remember the short cut, I can use them without the
wait. When I switch from another program its menu is displayed for a while.
Often have to wait for longer to get the menu back.

I tried to use Gimp alone, with only one file (4Mb .jpg) but that didn't help.
Gimp takes up 125Mb ram and is not freaking out the CPU.
Anything I could do to fix it?

woollypigs (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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