[Gimp-user] GIMP with Cintiq - menues

GIMP 2.8   Win 7  64 bit   GeForce GTX 670M

Hi everyone,

I'm using GIMP with a Cintiq. Sitting in front of my Cintiq my laptop is to
my left hand (90°)

Every time I create a new layer, the layer menue open on the laptop screen
and not on the Cintiq. (same for scaling layers or drawing paths, choosing
colours.....)  So I had to lay down the pencil, take the mouse, draw by
mouse the menue to the Cintiq and continue my work.  

Is there a way to tell the GIMP menues: Please, stay on the Cintiq??  It's a
little bit confusing.

I know, that I could clone the laptop screen to the Cintiq, but I prefer to
use separate screens for parallel used software.

Thanks for help!


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