[Gimp-user] Captcha broken on gimpusers.com + license question on the still life painting contest


sorry to ask this on this list, but there is just no contact
information on gimpusers.com. And I am assuming that whoever is in
charge there is also reading this mailing list.

My friend has been trying to create a login since yesterday, in order
to submit a contest drawing. But she got rejected at least 10 times
for the captcha. I tried as well for her, I got rejected too for the
captcha many times. People on #gimp on IRC also got rejected. I'd say
your captcha system is completely broken. Could you please fix it?

Also why the choice of CC non-attribution? I would think that at least
a CC-attribution would be appropriate. This is certainly uncool for
authors if they are told they lose their authorship after working that
hard. Looks a little like "working for free" rather than a contest on
this particular point.
When I do Free Software for instance, I am ok to give my copyright on
Free Software projects (some ask for it), not the authorship of the
code. I don't see why it should be different for art. Actually I am
even wondering if many people did participate to the contest with this
specific rule (unless they did not read the rules).
Would it be possible to update this license to a CC by?



P.S.: I also left a comment on the contest page, with basically the
same content. But I feel like I may have more chance on the list.

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