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Hi there everyone.  I am looking to replicate an animation I found.  However, I
have no idea where to start.

The concept is easy,  you have a picture of a supercell thunderstorm, and the
goal is to get the supercell to rotate in the animation and make it look like
its continuous motion.  Something that doesn't restart from the beginning.  It
basically looks like the storm is rotating and continuing to rotate without

Well I looked at the picture. That does not look continuous at all to
me. :-) There are big jumps in the animation.

My guess is that as typical internet users, we saw a lot of GIF, and
don't have our expectation very high for animated gif. You know by
experience that GIF quality is not high and your brain "expects" a
shitty animation. But really imagine this same animation in a movie:
you would never say it is a continuous rotation and you would wonder
if this is a bad joke or very unskilled film-makers. :-)

I have an example, not sure who the author is, so I haven't been able to contact
him/her.  I am hoping this is something you can do with a script or at least
have a step by step instructions to replicate.

The procedure to get continuous looking animations is that the last
frame must be very close to the first frame, so that you could
actually say the timeframe is a circle with no start nor end.

In this specific image, the whole storm thingy is kind of fuzzy,
clearly moving, but the general form of the storm is always more or
less the same. So that is not perfect continuity, as I said, but close
enough for your brain to accept the concept of continuity and fill in
the missing pieces for it to be believable. :-)

Technically in GIMP 2.8, frames are represented by layers. The bottom
layer is the first frame, the top layer being the last. Once you have
layers/frames that look ok, you can see a preview in Filters >
Animation > Playback.
Finally when it looks all good, you export as GIF, and when the GIF
options dialog shows up, you check "As animation", and "Loop forever",
the time between each frame, etc.

And you are done.


The example is attached.  I opened it with GIMP but can't tell what steps were
taken.  I highly appreciate any help.  Thanks.



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