[Gimp-user] Gimp 2.9.1 Plug-in crashed: "file-tiff-load"

Hopefully, it is permissible to post on this problem here.
I downloaded/installed the PPA for Gimp 2.9.1.  It worked great for
the first half dozen 16-bit tiffs.
I use a few RAW converters to create these tiff tiles, RawTherapee,
UFRAW, and the Sony software supplied with my A700 DSLR, Image Data
Converter running through Wine.

At any rate, most of the tiffs I create now cause Gimp to crash when
opening new files.  I get this message:

Plug-in crashed: "file-tiff-load"


Opening '/home/caruso/Desktop/PHOTOS from IDC/DSC06219.tif' failed:

Files created previously continue to open as normal.

What could be the problem.

I was so thrilled to have succeeded in installing 2.9.1 on my system,
but now may have to uninstall it and fall back to 2.8.x.

I realize that 2.9.1 is experimental and unstable, but would like to
know if this is something simple that can be fixed.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Hi, Caruso,

IMHO the Gimp developers have done their work. Please update to the current
version from my PPA:

I hope this helps

I try to reproduce your issue.



otto06217 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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