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On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 2:44 PM, Sergii Pylypenko <x pelya x gmail com> wrote:
I've updated my GIMP for Android app:

It's still the same kind-of-emulation, but has improved X server, with
24bpp color depth, multiple resolutions, magnifying glass for touch input,
and mouse/stylus support, with stylus pressure fully supported, so it
should be most usable on Galaxy Note 10.1.

That's nice. I did not know there were any project right now for GIMP
on Android. Does it compile well out of the box or have you had to
patch the source? I tried to check your source, but there is no GIMP
source, just some scripts and xserver files, and I don't know much
about this xserver thing (apparently a X11 implementation for

If you have modified sources to compile for Android, and if that does
not break our existing normal builds, I personally think this could
make interesting upstream patches.


Also, it's named 'GIMP' now, not 'Linux for Android', as my previous app
was, I hope it will be easier for users to discover.

Inkscape is included as a bonus, because there's no much difference between
500MB and 650Mb install.

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