Re: [Gimp-user] Editing Photos and Maintaining Exif Information

Exif.Image.DateTime is the more correct date for when the image itself was

I've just checked that and found this explanation to be correct.

But nevertheless, Gimp rewrites some other EXIF-Information it rather shouldn't, like Fnumber. Identifying the orignal photo with ImageMagick

identify -format "%[Exif:fnumber]" photo.jpg

yields e.g. 37/10, whereas the same command on the Gimp JPEG export yields f/3.7. I admit that's smarter, but has to be dealt with in my script. There are a few other data entries which are also deleted or modified.

When modifiying a JPEG image, Gimp should restrict rewriting of EXIF entries to those that have really been altered.

Wolfgang Hugemann

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