[Gimp-user] Can't save bug?

I recently encountered a very frustrating situation and am wondering
if it's a bug or "feature".

I was working on an image, it was quite big, 7000 px wide, 6000 tall
but only 5 quite simple layers, the .xcf is 7.8MB.

All of a sudden after pasting from another .xcf file (which I had just
10+ times with no similar result) I moved the pasted part, the image
was pretty much finished and I went up to click file>export and
everything between "open recent" and "quit" in the file menu was grey.
No chance to save or export and it appears half an hour of work lost.
It was as if the file menu didn't think I had a file open, but if I
scrolled accross to the filters menu for example, they were available
for selection which they are not when you have no image open. I could
edit the image and change layer visibilities and do what I wanted to
the image - except save it. I had flash backs to darker days of
shareware version of lesser softer titles on proprietary systems. In a
moment of frustration I hit the little "x" to resign for the night and
it warned me to save before closing.. I hit save as the only option
was to overwrite a file I didn;t really want to overwrite but I did
and then wrote this.

Any ideas? It's 2.8.6 running on an up to date ubuntu 13.10 on a high end PC.


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