Re: [Gimp-user] runtime error

On 2.11.2013 at 1:13 PM tracyd80 wrote:

Hi all, wondering if you know what is causing / how to fix this problem. I've
been using gimp for a couple of years with no problems, doing minor image
editing. The last couple of days though, it has been crashing with 'run time
errors' I get a bit of work done then it crashes, today there was no error
message it just froze up then closed. I uninstalled and reinstalled a newer
version yesterday but it is doing the same thing. Help?

Without further information I have no clue what causes this anomaly on
your computer.
Please post the output of 'gimp --verbose' and then let's see.
You find a short howto in the [GIMP developer wiki].
If the output is more than ca. 10 KB, please post the output
somewhere else and add a link here.
Please post the exact messages at crash time here, too (in English).

What color depth does your graphics card use?

Kind regards,


[GIMP developer wiki]

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