[Gimp-user] pcx export

Jenny_222 (forums gimpusers com) wrote:
You misunderstood me. This is the plugin you are already using. It
to be changed to work the way you need it. For this you need to
edit the source code and recompile the plugin.

If you have no programming experience then it will be a rough ride
though. Right now this bug has no real priority for us gimp
but it is a fairly easy task if some wants to start with gimp
development. If someone is interested you'll probably get help in the
#gimp irc channel on gimpnet or on the gimp-development mailing list.

I hope this helps,


In LINUX i know how to recompile this plugin, but my company uses Windows 7.
I have no change to recompile a plugin there.
Sorry therefore I see no way to fix gimp and we must will have to use photoshop
once more...

Jenny_222 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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