Re: [Gimp-user] GIMP 2.8x on Linux Debian Squeeze?

On Sun, May 12, 2013 at 12:36 PM, Henry W. Peters <hwpeters jamadots com> wrote:
Does anyone on the list here, have any actual knowledge & or experience
building GIMP 2.8x on Linux Debian Squeeze? My current version of GIMP is

Some questions I have (for example) are: Do I /really/ have to uninstall the
old version...? Any dependency issues (conflicts, etc.) ? Any way to get the
(newer) dependencies by means of the terminal? Will I be able to actually do
this (i.e.,/ do a working build with this version/)?

I have 2.6 and 2.8 on the a Mint (like Ubuntu/Debian) system.

There's a build script floating around somewhere, but I can't seem to
find it now (and it required heavy modification, at least for my
system anyway).

There's this:

I think the biggest thing to remember is to remember to prefix
everything with /opt or /home/YOU/gimp/ - ie *not* put it into /usr or

'apt-get build-dep gimp' should bring in several -dev packages you'll
need.  The rest will need to be compiled and installed in /opt or

It's been some months since I went through this - I'm probably
forgetting a few things, but the short answer is yes, you can compile
and install 2.8 without removing 2.6.  There are quite a dew deps to
work through, but keep the additions outside of your system path and
you should be fine.


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