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I am Windows7 64 bits my OS is in French so may be I am not using the corresponding English/US terms

- Left Click on the Start button (at the bottom left of the screen),
- The corresponding start windows opens, then Left click on "Configuration Panel" - A new windows appears. Search for "Default Program" which is just located under "Program and funtionnalities" - A new windows appears with four selectable options. Left click on the second one from the top "associate a type of file or a protocole with a specific program" - lets some time to your computer for displaying all the associations then with the lift search for ".pdf". - When you find it, then you shall find GIMP in regard, then select the line with a left click. - Look at the top of the windows on the right hand side, you will find a button displaying "change the program". Left click on it.
- A new windows appears, in which you should find the Adobe Reader program.
- You just have to left click on it then click on the OK Button and the windows will close.
- Now aside .pdf Adobe Acrobat Document will appear and the things are done.
- Close the windows with a left click on the button located on the bottom right handside, then close other windows and check if everything is OK in opening a .pdf cocument. IF ADOBE READER PROGRAM does not appear as above, then the thing are a bit more complicated : - verify that the box to be ticked just under the Recommanded Programs window named "use always the selected program to open this type of document" is ticked.
- Then left click on the "Search" button located just aside.
- A New window appears which contains the "Program Files" : on the left you will see the organization of your "C" Hard disk which is supporting the Operating System and all Programs and in most cases the documents ; on the right, you will see the details of the directory which is selected in the left part. Then it depends if you are using a 32 bits or a 64 bits Windows 7. If it is a 32 bits you are in the right location i.e. "Program Files". If you are using a 64 bits, you have to select Program Files (x86) : use the lift down and left click on "Program Files (x86). - At the top of the right part (sub-window), you will see : Adobe. left click twice on it, then you might have one or two reader : Reader 9.0 or Reader 10.0
- Left click twice on the higher reader you have, in my case Reader 10.0.
- you will see four directories : esl, Reader, Resource, Setup Files
- Left click twice on Reader directory to look at the details
- You will find a .exe named "AcroRd32.exe"
- select it with a left click then left click on the "Open" button at the bottom right of the window. - The .exe shall appear in the "change program" windows, then click on OK and it is done.
- Proceed as above to verify the things.

Hope it will help



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Recently installed Gimp. Could someone step me through how to change the
settings so Gimp no longer opens my pdf files? I see the issue mentioned on
the web but the solutions are for a person more computer literate than me.
They also seemed to mostly relate to Ubuntu and wanting Evince to open pdf.
I have Windows 7 with Chrome & Firefox browsers, and adobe reader.  Tried
looking here - sorry if I missed it.
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