Re: [Gimp-user] gimp colors

* Helen <etters h gmail com> [05-07-13 11:00]:
I've been trying for days to print a small 4x6"  picture that I drew in

I've even spent quite a bit of $ putting new print cartridges in my
printer, even
though they were not empty.  Just trying to cover everything I can think of.

The picture just comes out pink.  There should be no pink in this picture.
I have lots of trashed pages printed with Gimp, one with LibreOffice tex,
one with LibreOffice Draw.  There are also thin vertical white lines on the
print.   It looks fine if Print Preview.  All settings on both file and
are set to "Best".   RGB color.

Using Linux, Suse 12, gimp 2.6.11,  printer Epson Stylus 1400.  Thanks
for any ideas.

openSUSE 12.???

Can you give access to the photo or email it to me?

openSUSE Tumbleweed which is 12.3+

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