Re: [Gimp-user] How to make transparency gradiate?

Am 03.05.2013 18:55, schrieb Keith Purtell:
A client has supplied a logo for Web display (PNG). The logo background is white and needs to become transparent. I've done this in GIMP no problem with simple graphics. However this one features design elements that cast a pale gray shadow onto the white background. Not sure how to make the transparent background play nice with the shadow area?  

If it helps, the background color where this logo will be displayed is pale gray with a bit of blue tint.

Use the fuzzy select tool (magic wand) to select the background. Then go to "select -> grow" and grow by 2 or 3 px to make sure all the antialised edges are within the selection, but make sure that no white part of the logo itself is selected. Now you can simply use "colours -> Colour to alpha" (change the colour in the tools menu to white if necessary) and it will perfectly extract the white from your background.

Tobias Lunte//Tobl

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