[Gimp-user] Close buttons and Single Window mode

When you changed the behavior of the close button in single window mode,
you made it where there is no longer an easy way to close the view instead
of the entire application. My suggestion is that you add a close view
button to the menu bar, being an X that is on the far right side.

Ordinarily I would think this was a feature request and wouldn't have
bothered for 2.8, but I've seen you do a lot of other things I would have
thought would count as feature requests. And the problem IS a result of
something you changed in a point release (2.8.4, I believe). So I'd really
appreciate a 2.8 release with a close view button in single window mode.

Either that, or at least an option to always show tabs, even if you only
have one view open. That would also give me a close button.

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