[Gimp-user] How to drag layers from one image to another in Gimp 2.8?

I'm using Gimp 2.8.2 on Linux.  I've configured the UI to single-window
mode and have opened multiple images, each with a tabbed display.

It is my understanding that I should be able to grab a layer from one
image and drag-and-drop it onto the tab of another image in order to
append a copy of that layer in the new image.  I have not been able to do
this.  I'm grabbing a layer from the layers dialog and dragging it to the
tab-thumbnail, but the layer is not copied to the new image.

Can anyone explain the proper procedure?  Thanks.

A couple of comments for the UI designers:

  * I find the [X] icons on the image tabs to be a real problem getting
    accidentally selected and dismissing the image when attempting to
    quickly select another tab.  I would prefer another tab dismissal
    method such as right-click-menu close.

  * Some user control over the tabs would be good.  For example, I would
    like to see the the vertical height of of the tabs be smaller and have
    the option of displaying file names and/or icons.

Jeffery Small

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