Re: [Gimp-user] The "Save" dialog box has no response when using tablet pen.


On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 11:32 PM, minhsien0330 <minhsien0330 gmail com> wrote:
Dear all:
I have a tablet NB which has no keyboard, so I need to save my file by
clicking the "Save" dialog with my tablet pen.
Sometimes the "Save" dialog has no reponse when I was using tablet pen, but
other input devices like usb keyboard and usb mouse worked fine. I found the
"Save as" and "Save a copy" dialog had the same problem.
Anybody know how to deal with this problem?

Not sure if this is the solution, but check if the tablet is enabled
in Gimp (probably not if you never did it, Gimp disables tablet
features by default). And if not, do it.
A "disabled" tablet in Gimp means simply that this input device is not
processed particularly. And in particular the most common issue is
that it means that you have no pressure support. Otherwise it should
still work ok as a normal input device (= an expensive mouse) and you
still should be able to click. This is why I am not sure this may be
your problem.

To check:

Go in "Edit" > "Input Devices". On the left, you should have a list of
all detected input devices (this is done at startup, so you must plug
the tablet *before* starting Gimp). You should see various devices
corresponding to your tablet (usually one for the pad, one for the
stylus, for the eraser, etc.). Select each of those and if the "Mode"
value is on "Disabled", set it to "Screen".
Click "Save", "Close", and see if it is better.

Also, same as Alexandre, what is a tablet NB? Do you have a link?


Thank a lot~



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