Re: [Gimp-user] help plz

On 12-09-29 03:40 AM, icemankfc wrote:
I tried to install something I found online called Gimp Paint Pro..
Opps.. Now my Gimp install is crashing and it's never ran so poorly.
dont know what Ive done wrong at this point

What you did wrong was to install a third-party version of GIMP at the same time as you had a working official version of GIMP installed. The other version has probably installed incompatible or buggy versions of some files used by the official version.

I would suggest uninstalling both then deciding which one you want to use. Don't install both unless you know how you can install both in a way that would keep them completely separate from each other (which may not be possible on a Windows based computer).

If you go with Gimp Paint Pro you will need to contact them for any support you may need in the future. This mailing list is for users of GIMP.


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