Re: [Gimp-user] remove dust problems

On 20.09.12 at 9:51 pm David Holland wrote:

I tried to remove a dust spot using resynthesize but I can still see
where it was, although it looks a lot better.
I was using this tutorial.
Any ideas?

Hi David,

this is easy:
1. Create a new transparent layer above the image layer and activate it.
2. Use the Clone tool, enable 'Sample merged' and use a soft brush for cloning. 3. Select the source region. It should have the same or a very similar color and structure as the destination region. 4. Clone the dust spot away. Use the Healing tool and layer opacity to refine your work. 5. To make the outline softer, you can blur it with the Gaussian blur filter. To undo some cloned parts and uncover the original image use the Eraser tool on the upper layer.

This is based upon a tutorial in Michael Fryes book 'Digital landscape photography'.

Kind regards,


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