Re: [Gimp-user] flip through python console problems

Thanks Kevin! Works like a charm :)

Em 18/9/2012 00:10, Kevin Cozens escreveu:
On 12-09-13 03:16 PM, free wrote:
pdb.gimp_item_transform_flip(layer, 320, 0, 320, 1)

the flip succeeds, but it generates a distortion on the flipped layer.
When I try to flip that layer through gimp's interface, it is smooth.

You probably want to use the "simple" flip function. The version you were using flips the drawable about a line specified by the coordinates given. My mind can't quite make out how the image/layer will change when doing a flip that is not about a center line so I haven't used the more general transform flip operation.

Try the following statement to do your flip
    pdb.gimp_item_transform_flip_simple(layer, 0, TRUE, 0.0)

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