[Gimp-user] flip through python console problems

Hello everybody!

I'm having some problems with a python command. I'm working on an image that is 640x640. I'm trying to do a horizontal flip of a layer with this command:

pdb.gimp_item_transform_flip(layer, 320, 0, 320, 1)

the flip succeeds, but it generates a distortion on the flipped layer. When I try to flip that layer through gimp's interface, it is smooth.

I understood that the input values for the flip function were the layer, x and y of one point of the axis from wich the image will be flipped, and x and y of the end point of that axis. Am I doing something wrong?

Here is the failure in the flip that I mentioned:


this shouldn't happen or the flip will be useless for what I am trying to do. (the eye with problems is the first one, from left to right).

Thanks in advance,
Thiago Henrique Petruccelli

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