[Gimp-user] xcf file corrupt?

Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 04:52:25 +0200
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Subject: [Gimp-user] xcf file corrupt?

GIMP closed while I was in the middle of saving an image and is now 
telling me that the xcf is corrupt and that there is no usable data in 
it even though the file is the same size as it was before the crash. 
This is the third or fourth time it's done this to me and any help would
be incredibly appreciated. I'd include the file but this is the first 
time I've posted here and I don't know how 

curseofdark (via gimpusers.com)
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Okay, but first we need to know a few things.

- Your particular build of GIMP (version number, OS)
- The exact wording of any error message GIMP may have generated when it "closed"

Both of these are very important.
-- Stratadrake
strata_ranger hotmail com
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

I'm using 2.6.11 on windows 7, and GIMP closed because of a computer crash not a program error, sorry I 
wasn't more specific! The computer crashed in the middle of saving the image and now when I try to open it, 
it give me the 'Opening 'C:\Users\Master\Pictures\My Scans\nerfed copy.xcf' failed: This XCF file is corrupt! 
 I could not even salvage any partial image data from it.' error but when I go to the image properties it 
looks like all the data is still there 

curseofdark (via gimpusers.com)

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