Re: [Gimp-user] Save Export Complaints

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 11:38 AM, maderios <maderios gmail com> wrote:
The first rule to know when editing an image is to save your work as you go
along. When you drive a car you look ahead, not behind, you watch the
road... It's the same principle : security. If people knew that, this
annoying thread would not exist.

You know, you're supposed to keep an eye out all around you - not just
straight ahead.  You have tunnel vision.  I do hope I'm not on the
road with you ;)

People have to observe this rule then they'll be happy with the standard
"save & save as" behavior, like in Gimp-2.6 and all other editors, which
allows to work quickly and normally with all kinds of file.

What rule?  WTF is so hard about exporting instead of saving?  I'm a
little unclear on how you're being prevented from working "quickly and
normally".  Some kind soul has already written a plug-in that will
save you the one measly extra keystroke if you want to work
destructively.  To read all of your posts one would think that you'd
be so busy "professionally editing" that you'd not have the time to
continuously post rants about behavior that WILL NOT CHANGE.

If you spent 1% of the energy spent ranting here and instead learned
to adapt your workflow to the new behavior you'd be better off.

Grr... I swore I'd ignore these useless  threads :(


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