Re: [Gimp-user] finding layers after file has been closed (.... so much for the new export/save methods)

On 11/18/2012 04:38 PM, Burnie West wrote:
On 11/18/2012 01:13 PM, jenn golden wrote:
However, this is an excellent illustration that this "controversial"
change in the save/export methods is not a perfect solution either.
On the good side, however, Jenn is happy to have "learned the lesson" --
and is fully up to speed with the difference between save and export.

   -- Burnie

Yes, Jenn seems to be taking it well. Again, I am sorry that she had to go through that frustration.

However, when I originally brought up my point that sometimes people (in general) have to "learn a lesson" the hard way in order to really learn, I was told, in various ways, with varying language, by several of the developer group, that I was a terrible excuse for a person -- if I was even a human being at all.

Oh well. Fortunately, I found that reaction more amusing than anything else. The virulence of that reaction told more about them than anything else.

I am just saddened that the most of the type of work my company does with Gimp is no longer (maybe it never was?) included in the "target user/use" definition. Because it does not make economic sense for a company to train and support users in two different graphics programs, there will eventually come a time (since I presume the goals of the program developers will continue to evolve away from our typical workflow), when we will have to switch to _one_ other program to do our graphics work. That's sad because Gimp has so much to offer. However, as the world changes, we all must move on. Complaining serves no purpose since the people who do the work, and thus "own" the program, are completely within their rights to do whatever they want. There is nothing "wrong" with that, however, the consequences are sometimes sad. Such is life.


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