Re: [Gimp-user] Resynthezier: can't make it work

Doesn't work either. I think it's because I checked out resynth's git instead 
of a stabel branch, I probably got some work-in-progress code here that 
doesn't work.
I'll try and compile and older stable release.

I think I found the combination that I found before I lost all my notes
when my system / hard drives crashed.

1. Select a RECTANGULAR area you want to take the sample from. This is
NOT the texture source sample and my notes do not cover textures.

2. "edit->copy"

3. "edit->paste as->new image"

4. Switch to the new image.

5. Go to the layers window

6. Remove the alpha layer - The critical piece

7. Go back to the image you are editing. Select a target area you want
to fill with the sample from step 1.

8. Now "filters->map->resynthesize" should allow you to select the newly
created source image.

This works on SuSE Linux 11.1 with resynthesize v. 0.16-1.2


If you are having a compile / crash problem, then the answer lies

Good luck,


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